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Advance welding by the professionals at Elemet Manfacturing

Elemet Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) employs professionals focused on creating strong, dependable welds for quality parts. 

If you are using our CNC milling or waterjet services to cut parts to your exact specifications, the chances are that you also need to weld or assemble those parts at some point. Why not trust the welding and assembly to EMI? 

Our precise, experienced welding capabilities make it easy for us to weld your parts onsite and create reinforced joints that will hold fast in your application. Rather than investing in welding machinery or paying the extra cost to have the parts welded in another facility, complete the process right here at Elemet Manufacturing!

At EMI, we’ve systematically organized our work in one building to improve control over materials and workflow, improve overall plant efficiency, and increase output.

We work with:

Over many projects and many years, we have gained a wealth of experience from our work’s wide variety and intricacy. Our fabricating team has the expertise and the resources to complete your welding and machining projects right the first time. Our welders are more than qualified and dedicated craftsmen!

Elemet Manufacturing Inc. is part of Elemet Group, along with Glenn Metalcraft and Minnesota Industrial Coatings.

We will use our competence in welding and machining to help you develop a specific plan for each project. This includes material selection, proper welding techniques and equipment, and any structural implications of each choice. We know you are investing money in your machining projects, so we want to ensure each project will last. And last. And last!

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