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5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Services

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Waterjet Cutting

Elemet Manufacturing (EMI) provides state of the art 5 axis waterjet cutting that can cut through almost any material, no matter the thickness. We can handle workpieces up to 144” x 96” x 36”. 

Our cnc abrasive waterjet cutting machine can cut through various metal materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Our Pure Water Non-Metal waterjet cutting system can cut through foam, rubber, carpet, plastic panels, glass, marble, and decorative stone.

5 axis waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting beyond other waterjet machines

A conventional 3 axis waterjet cutting machine can cut flat surface parts on X, or right and left, Y, or up and down, and Z, or parallel axes. 

 A 4 axis water jet cutting machine can cut parts on the X-Y-Z axis, and an A-axis. The A-axis rotates around the X-axis.     

The 5 axis waterjet cutting machine involves all axes of the 4 axis machine with an additional B axis. The B-axis rotates around the Y-axis, The two rotational axes allow the waterjet to create precise and intricate parts and complex 3D parts.

The 5-axis waterjet cutting machine can even tackle waterjet cutting stainless steel by combining high-pressure water with an abrasive substance. The dynamic waterjet cutting head cuts metal two to four times faster than traditional machining.

The advanced cnc waterjet control system combines the technology of a waterjet cutting machine and a cnc drilling machine on the same platform, providing more accurate waterjet cutting services.

Elemet Manufacturing Excels at 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting

EMI’s precision waterjet cutting services do not require additional secondary processes like sanding or grinding. Our waterjet systems do not produce harmful chemical byproducts, saving time, money, tooling costs, and the environment.

5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Benefits:

We can cut the materials you need to the specifications you require. Elemet Manufacturing has the knowledge, experience, and waterjet cutting equipment to handle your project cutting needs.

In addition to waterjet cutting, Elemet Manufacturing also specializes in CNC machiningwelding, and metal fabrication and cutting services.

Elemet Manufacturing Inc. is part of Elemet Group, along with Glenn Metalcraft and Minnesota Industrial Coatings.