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Go Beyond Traditional Machining Capabilities With Waterjet Cutting

Elemet Manufacturing incorporates advanced control systems with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis waterjet cutting machines to provide more accurate and versatile cutting services than traditional CNC machining or laser cutting.


For Materials That Are Trickier To Cut Than You Think

Waterjet cutting eliminates the need for secondary edge finishing processes and has almost no limit on material thickness. In addition to traditional metals, it also works on hard-to-cut materials like foam, glass, plastic, and decorative stone.

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Pushing the Boundaries on Material Thickness and Type

Traditional cutting methods like CNC machining or laser cutting can result in burred edges, heat-affected zones, and melted components. Pure Water Non-Metal cutting systems eliminate these issues when working on materials like foam, marble, and more, that those other methods simply can’t handle.

Waterjet cutting also carves through almost any material thickness, with some process adjustments needed for holding tolerances as the thickness increases. Abrasive waterjet systems cut two to four times faster than traditional methods as well, saving time and money.

You can also add eco-friendly to the list of benefits as this process does not produce chemical by-products or noxious fumes.

Innovative Solutions For Manufacturing Problems of All Shapes & Sizes

Advantages & Capabilities

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As part of the Elemet Group, we have access to sister companies offering metal spinning, robotic welding, laser cutting, powder coating, and e-coating. This access provides our customers a true “one-stop-shop” for their metal fabrication needs.

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