Metal Fabrication

Elemet Manufacturing offers complete metal fabrication services, in addition to waterjet cutting, CNC machining, and welding.

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You Don't Need to Ship Parts Around to Multiple Facilities

If you need cutting, machining, and welding services – we’re here for you. If you need design optimization, prototypes, and inspection services – we’re here for you. If you need drop-shipping and re-order fulfillment – we’re here for you. If you need complete production support from design to material finishing – we’ve got that covered too.
avoid blame game

Avoid the Blame Game

You know the scenario – your parts get made at one manufacturer, then you ship them to another for welding and assembly, and to a third for finishing. It’s inefficient and costly.


From design optimization to protective coatings, get everything you need through one complete manufacturer. There is no blaming the previous supplier for issues as the production process is optimized from start to finish through one chain of communication.


If you are looking for high-quality components – you guessed it – we’re here for you. ISO 9001:2015 standards are where we start our quality measures with a precision that goes above and beyond.

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Benefits of One-Stop Production Services


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As part of the Elemet Group, we have access to sister companies offering metal spinning, laser and CNC metal cutting, waterjet cutting, powder coating, and e-coating. This access provides our customers a true “one-stop-shop” for their metal needs.

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