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Elemet Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) employs manufacturing and fabrication professionals to create substantial, dependable, quality parts. EMI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We provide products and services that exceed industry quality standards.

At EMI, we’ve systematically organized our work in one building for improved control over materials and workflow. This new organization system improved overall plant efficiency and increased our output.

We perform each of these tasks with excruciating detail to provide you with the best possible end product. EMI strives to work with our customers every step, ensuring that you receive the product you want and need. We want to understand your processes and applications to suggest the best possible solution for you.

In addition to our precision waterjet cutting services, CNC machining and milling, and our welding, we also offer:

Metal Fabrication Services

Our staff is available for the initial design consultation, post-processing inspection, and even non-waterjet cutting services like welding and finishing at every fabrication process stage. Our skilled welders and machinists turnaround your projects quickly for your stainless steel and aluminum welding needs. 

EMI can handle runs ranging from one prototype through full production. We are an end-to-end fabrication provider. Our metal fabrication process consists of us bending, cutting, and assembling building structures according to your specifications. EMI works with you from start to finish to achieve your satisfaction.

Metal Cutting & Processing

Metal cutting and processing can be done by CNC Laser, Plasma, or CNC Flame. However, all three of these processes create heat. Since waterjet cutting generates only a small amount of heat, the material itself experiences almost no temperature change during machining.

The absence of a heat-affected zone means you can machine without hardening the material, which generates poisonous fumes, recasting, or warping the metal. In addition, it’s possible to machine parts that have already been heat-treated.

Metal Bending or Forming

EMI utilizes a CNC brake press for Metal Bending or Forming. This process consists of manipulating the metal into the desired shape using force through CNC Brake Press. Force is applied to bend or form the metal into the desired shape.

We complete all of our painting work at our sister company, Minnesota Industrial Coatings. To read more about their e-coating and powder coating finishes, please visit their website.

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Elemet Manufacturing is one of the Elemet Group companies, along with Glenn Metalcraft and Minnesota Industrial Coatings.

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