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Advanced CNC Machining

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Advanced Professional CNC Machining

Elemet Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) is an industry leader in custom, large work envelope CNC machining services for prototyping and production runs.

Our experienced technical team works carefully to match our technology with your design needs and material requirements from beginning to end. Our variety of machines, both project-ready and production-ready, are utilized specifically for your needs.

You can count on our CNC machining processes to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. EMI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a metal machining process that uses computer-guided systems to work on metal pieces and parts. The “CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control. A code is created based on a 2D or 3D drawing. This code is the language that the computer understands, and it’s what allows it to work on the metal with such precision. For complex shapes and where accuracy is critical, CNC machining is one of the best options.

CNC Milling

In CNC milling, the rotating cutting tool moves around the workpiece, which remains fixed to a bed. Mills are all-purpose CNC machines that can handle most any machining process. CNC machines can be simple 2-axis machines where only the tool head moves in the X and Z-axes. Or much more complex 5-axis CNC mills, where the workpiece can move and rotate to achieve complex cutting operations across multiple faces. This movement allows for more complex geometries without requiring extra operator work and expertise. This movement also makes it easier to produce complex parts and reduces the chance of operator error.

CNC Turning & Threading

With CNC turning, the part stock turns on the spindle, and the fixed cutting tool forms the workpiece. Lathes are perfect for cylindrical parts, especially those that will need repeating.

CNC Machining Facts

CNC Machines

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