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Advanced CNC Machining

At EMI, we offer advanced CNC machining services because we know that sometimes this is a better option for specific applications. Our experienced craftsmen team works carefully to match our technology with your design needs and material requirements from beginning to end.

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Elemet Manufacturing

We’d like to introduce you to the new manufacturing powerhouse…
Elemet Manufacturing.

Precision Waterjet Concepts (of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota) and Aitkin Iron Works (of Aitkin, Minnesota) have combined forces to create industrial synergy for your manufacturing needs. United, they bring new meaning to the word precision.


As the newly-formed Elemet Manufacturing based in Aitkin, Minnesota, they’ll continue to provide the best in CNC machining, CNC milling, turning, threading, 5-axis waterjet cutting, welding, painting, and other complementary services.

Precision Waterjet Concepts (PWC) was founded in 2002. The company founders saw a need for quality abrasive waterjet cutting in many industries and started the company to meet that demand. PWC handled intricate, complex cuts on virtually any material for any industry. Their craftsmen manufactured parts with exceptional edge and structural quality on their 5-axis waterjet systems.

Aitkin Iron Works (AIW) was founded in 1935 and served the farming, logging, and mining industries. AIW has always provided the best service in small- to large-size machining on their horizontal and vertical machining centers. They also offered welding, fabricating, assembly, and inspection services.

Elemet Manufacturing Services

The Best Manufacturing Solutions

Innovative Solutions For Manufacturing Problems Of All Shapes & Sizes

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The Solution To Any Manufacturing
Problem You Run Into


Elemet Manufacturing, created in 2020 from the joint venture of Precision WaterJet Concepts (founded in 2002) and Aitkin Iron Works (founded in 1935), is the solution to any manufacturing or machining problem you may encounter.

Complicated parts? No problem! We can create them.

Fabrication issue needing to be solved? We can do that, too!

Everything on your line not working together quite right? Our machining pros can crack that puzzle, too!

We can handle your project from design concept through production and finishing to shipping and even reorders in a full-service solutions approach to save you money, time, and raw materials.

Join Our Team

A diverse workplace helps us to understand our diverse customer base. This diversity enables innovation and productivity. Our goal is to recruit, develop, and manage exceptional manufacturing talent from all backgrounds, and we are committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive workplace in which our staff can thrive.

We are local, family-owned, innovatively driven, and can offer competitive benefits packages along with growth opportunities and advancement. The time to join our team is now!

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